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Smart Vending

e2c provide provide smart hubs and software which allow control and monitoring of all devices within a vending machine. This allows traditional vending manufacturers to make the leap to networked PC based platforms, enabling significant advantages in customer experience through touchscreen based interaction and digital signage. Our solutions incorporate the latest remote management technology to allow optimal data gathering and distributed machine control right down to the device level.
Our smart vending solution approach is designed and engineered to significantly reduce time-to-market, development costs and substantially improve operational efficiency and reliability.  Our solutions comprise the following key components.

Smart Device Hubs

These are USB connected hubs which allow connection of the full range of payment peripherals and machine drives.  All hardware interfaces are provided on the hub, giving the freedom to choose any PC platform for your application.

Smart Vending Manager

iSocket/SVM is an intelligent middleware component which controls all types of hardware in a PC based vending machine.  SVM manages all critical events and timing in the hardware, leaving the application designer free to concentrate on the customer experience and business layer functionality.

System platform

e2c have a number of multi-screen system computing platforms ideally suited to smart vending, combining the best of modern high performance computing chipsets.


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e2c’s approach is to provide our customers with a fully verified smart vending solution which is easy and quick to integrate.  Based on the iSocket/SVM API, there is no need to write any device drivers or understand the complexities of peripheral and drive protocols. SVM takes care of all of this for you, leaving you free to concentrate on your application development.

Smart Vending Solution Components
Smart Vending Controllers
 USB vending controllers
smart vending controller MDM master, MDB slave
  • Wide peripheral support
  • Supports legacy MDB peripherals
  • MDB master and slave versions
  • MDB and DEX snooping
  • Remote DEX

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Smart Vending Middleware
 Client and server side software 
  • Supports all MDB peripherals
  • Supports cashless payment
  • Supports remote DEX
  • Supports full remote management
  • And more…

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Embedded PC platforms
 Embedded multi-display vending controllers
  • Supports multiple screen
  • supports digital signage applications
  • Embedded long life availability
  • Ultra-low power
  • Compact designs

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