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e2c Smart Computing

e2c Products make it easy to develop machines with complex peripherals, such as cash handling devices and time critical IO. 

We do this by combining  our advanced embedded computing platforms with powerful middleware.


Compute + Connect

Embedded Computing & IoT


KS100 Embedded Computer for Kiosks

CC 200 PCBA Board
iSocket Middleware

e2c Smart Connect Series modules provide ideal building blocks for IoT solutions in numerous vertical markets incorporating payment devices.  Built on IMX.6 ARM SOC’s, the SC range delivers a full spectrum of IO and connectivity solutions.  Powered by iSokct to provide the widest industry peripheral support.

e2c X86 platforms comprise a range of platforms spanning from Intel ATOM grade to i7 CPU’s.  With integrated smart hubs, these products are ideal candidates for IoT gateways, with iSocket providing local communications and processing to connected devices and other e2c distributed smart IO modules. 

e2c smart IO hubs provide physical interfaces to real world sensors. The range includes both wired and wireless hubs ranging from simple IO to multi-function hubs combining IO, serial gateway functions and edge data processing.

iSocket Enterprise Server and Enterprise Cloud provide robust and secure monitoring of complex machines comprising multiple peripherals. Built from the ground up to provide an IoT solution capable of both monitoring and remote control of distributed terminals, such as kiosks and Smart Vending machines.

  • ARM compute+ connect module
  • Full complement of interfaces
  • iSocket powered IoT gateway

  • Intel fanless from Atom to i7
  • Multi-function IO 
  • iSocket powered

  • Wired and wireless 
  • iSocket gateway connected
  • Battery or bus powered

  • On premises and cloud versions
  • Secure monitoring and control
  • Azure, AWS and Google cloud

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