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RC600 Reel Controller

USB Unipolar Reel Controller

USB Host interface

Up to 6 Unipolar reels

48 step AWP

200 Step Class II/III

GLI error sensing (Class II/III)

User definable ramps

RGB LED illumination

Gaming machines made simple!

RC600 Reel Controller


Product Description

RC600 is used to control mechanical reel mechs from a PC platform over a USB interface.  This can be used for any type of unipolar stepper based reel mech including 48 and 200 step variants.

RC600 can control up to 6 reels simultaneously, including multiple reel types in a single configuration. Application interface is via e2c’s iSocket Gaming Device Manager, which provides a simple API for reel motion control, including GLI compliant error sensing required for class II/III markets.

GDM handles all the complexities of reel motion, with the RC600 providing the physical drive to the stepper motors. For example, the iSocket command to spin reel#1 for 3 seconds duration and stopping at symbol 5 would be:


The controller would execute this command and report the command has been executed correctly.

RC600 allows multiple reel ramps to be defined so customers can fine tune the dynamics of the reel motion.

RC600 Reel Controller

Product Details


iSocket Payment Peripherals Management
PB icon


RC600 Reel Controller interfaces


  • USB Interface
  • iSocket GDM middleware
  • X86 host (Windows OS)
  • Up to 6 Reels
  • 48 and 200 step motors
  • 12-24V operation
  • 1A phase current
  • Full step/half step modes
  • User definable ramp tables 
  • Sync strip error detection
  • 2 x SHA256 crypto security
  • 3 lights per reel
  • RGB illumination control
  • Small form factor 120 x 100 x 12 mm

Product images

Application Example


This example shows RC600 used to drive 6 200 step reel mechs.

Gaming PC runs iSocket GDM

Separate harnesses for reels 1-3 and 4-6

RGB illumination control via e2c controller

This example uses e2c’s separate RGB illumination control PCB.  This is mounted in each reel mech and provides 7 bit colour depth for each symbol light.  

NB RC600 also supports separate lamp illumination.

RC600 Gaming Reel Controller

Companion Products


Gaming Device Manager

Gaming Device Manager (GDM) is intended for applications utilising e2c’s gaming IO controllers and gaming platforms.  GDM provides support for all gaming features embedded in our products. In addition, GDM provides support for all standard gaming machine peripherals.

  • Windows X86/64
  • Linux X86/64
  • Supports all gaming peripherals
  • SAS6.02 (GDM Pro)

Solution Kits

e2c offer a full payment solution kits, comprising CC smart hubs, embedded PC’s and a full range of payment peripherals. Kits come with full wiring kits and out-of-the-box support for bundled peripherals. Just add them in your enclosure and the kits will be fully operational.

  • Full configured Payment Solutions
  • Best of breed Peripherals
  • Full wiring systems including power
  • Fast time to market
  • Fully functional out of the box

isocket middleware

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