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Payment Solutions

Our embedded platforms dramatically simplify the integration and management of payment devices in unattended machines. All e2c platforms and smart hubs are bundled with our powerful iSocket middleware. With more than 250 supported peripherals, adding payment transaction capability to any application is just a click away! 


Unattended payments solutions made simple!

How does it work?


To connect payment devices to any embedded computer, we use an USB connected e2c smart device hub. This provides all the physical interfaces required, such as CCTalk, MDB and serial.  unattended payment solutions made simple!

The peripheral devices are controlled by iSocket Payment Device Manager running on the embedded computer. This provides support for all the device protocols such as CCTalk. The customer application runs on the embedded computer and communicates with iSocket using a simple high-level API.   

For example, if the device was a bill/note validator, inserting $20 would result in the API message “NoteValidator:Received:$20”

No knowledge of payment device protocols is required!

e2c cash control

e2c Products

CC200 Unattended Payment Hub

isocket middleware

KS100 Embedded Computer for Kiosks

e2c smart device hubs provide a full range of physical connectivity to peripherals over USB. iSocket middleware is used to provide all IO and protocols support for broad range of peripherals.   Unattended payment solutions could not be more simple!

iSocket middleware provides a powerful layer for device communication and management, supporting all industry standard payment peripherals.  With broad OS support for Windows and Linux variants.

e2c’s Smart Connect series compute + connect modules are built on powerful i.MX6 ARM processors.  Running embedded Linux, these modules run iSocket natively to support any connected peripheral device. The range includes both headless and multi-video modules with extensive device IO and host connectivity options.

e2c offer a range of compact PC/X86 powered embedded modules which combine high-performance compute solutions with our smart hub technology. The range spans from Intel Atom through to i7 solutions.  This allows system builders to minimise the number of components required for payment solutions.

  • USB host interface
  • Multi interfaces
  • Windows and Linux

  • Windows and Linux
  • Multi protocol API
  • Integrated IoT client

  • Wired and Wireless
  • Extensive IO
  • eLInux OS +iSocket

  • X86 compute + e2c smart hub
  • Windows or Linux OS
  • iSocket powered

Example Unattended Payment Solutions

Application example

This example shows CC200 used in a smart vending application.  The solution includes the following peripherals:

  • JCM UBA Bill validator using CCtalk
  • MEI CF7000 series coin changer using MDB (via cashbus interface)
  • Nayax cashless payment via serial protocol
  • COM0 is used for DEX interface
  • Expansion port used to provide IO for vending motors etc
  • 1 wire bus used for security features
  • System controlled from PC/X86 running iSocket middleware

This example illustrates how it is possible to connect best of breed devices into an unattended payment solution.

With iSocket being cross platform any X86 or ARM platform can be used as the computing module.

CC200 Cash Control payment peripheral device controller

Other Solution components


iSocket Middleware

iSocket Enterprise Server and Enterprise Cloud provide robust and secure monitoring of complex machines comprising multiple peripherals.  Built from the ground up to provide an IoT solution capable of both monitoring and remotely controlled connected machines.

  • On premises server and cloud versions
  • Secure monitoring and control
  • Azure, AWS and Google cloud
  • Automatic client connections
  • Server side client control

Solution Kits

e2c offer a full payment solution kits, comprising CC smart hubs, embedded PC’s and a full range of payment peripherals. Kits come with full wiring kits and out-of-the-box support for bundled peripherals. Just add them in your enclosure and the kits will be fully operational.

  • Full configured Payment Solutions
  • Best of breed Peripherals
  • Full wiring systems including power
  • Fast time to market
  • Fully functional out of the box

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