KS1000 Kiosk Platform

The KS1000 Kiosk Platform

In todays kiosk market, there is continued demand to drive down development costs, time to market cycles and simplify payment peripherals integration.

e2c’s SmartConnect KS1000 is a complete computing platform designed specifically for the kiosk market, combining a powerful Intel X86 Quad Core processor with e2c’s innovative smart hub peripheral control technology, iSocketTM. KS1000 is a multi-function product intended for application in payment-centric vertical markets including retail, self-checkout, smart vending, gaming and unattended payments. It combines e2c’s smart hub technology with a powerful Quad Core Intel Brasswell/SOC to provide a fully featured payment enabled, embedded computing platform. KS1000 integrates e2c’s C3Pay powerful, device middleware with integrated remote management. Everything that can be controlled by the KS1000 can be monitored and managed remotely. With support for over 250+ payment devices integrating cash or cashless payments could not be simpler!

Key Benefits

  • Offers a complete kiosk solution kit
  • Reduces cost & time to market cycles 
  • Dramatically simplifies payment peripheral integration 
  • Extensive communications options – dual LAN Wifi and 3G options
  • Embedded windows or Linux O/S options 
  • Long life availability (5+ years depending on motherboard)
  • All peripherals controlled & monitored by integrated C3Pay remote management via Cloud
  • Ideal for cash and cashless payment solutions

Key Features

  • Intel Brasswell Quad Core Compute + integrated Smart Hub 
  • Powerful Dual Displays (HDMI) + Display Port @4K/2K
  • Ultra compact, robust, low power finless design. High durability embedded design
  • Integrated e2c Smart Hub including MDB & 2x CCTalk
  • C3Pay PDM with out-of-box support for 250+ peripherals
  • Integrated loT Remote monitoring and server-side control via C3Pay
  • Dual LAN + WiFi/3G RF connectivity options 
  • 6 Serial ports including RS232/RS485 TTL 
  • 8 X GPIO + battery backed instructions 
  • Wide operating voltage (9-36V)
  • Battery backed SRAM, EEprom and Crypto processor 
  • 2W/ch Audio Amplifier  

KS1000 Kiosk Platform

The KS1000 provides everything you need to engineer a cost-effective kiosk solution combining multi-screen outputs with complex peripherals for both cash and cashless payments.

Donny McDonald, CEO

Typical Unattended Payment Solution Implementation

An illustration of a typical payment application for the KS1000 Kiosk Platform with C3Pay PDM. All connected devices are managed by C3Pay middleware

KS1000 Compatible Products

Solution Kits

iSocket Enterprise Server and Enterprise Cloud provide robust and secure monitoring of complex machines comprising multiple peripherals.  Built from the ground up to provide an IoT solution capable of both monitoring and remotely controlled connected machines.

e2c offer a full payment solution kits, comprising CC smart hubs, embedded PC’s and a full range of payment peripherals. Kits come with full wiring kits and out-of-the-box support for bundled peripherals. Just add them in your enclosure and the kits will be fully operational.

  • On premises server and cloud versions
  • Secure monitoring and control
  • Azure, AWS and Google cloud
  • Automatic client connections
  • Server side client control
  • Full configured Payment Solutions
  • Best of breed Peripherals
  • Full wiring systems including power
  • Fast time to market
  • Fully functional out of the box

Smart Technology for A Connected World


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