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KS1000 Embedded Computer with Smart Hub

KS1000 Embedded Computer

Low power fanless design

Dual screen Intel Brasswell Quad core

Integrated e2c Smart Hub 

iSocket middleware

Multiple OS + iSocket serial ports 

Battery backed SRAM

Intrusion monitoring

Wireless options

Smart technology for a connected world

All-in-one Intel Quad Core

 + integrated smart hub

KS1000 embedded Computer ISO


Product Description

KS1000 is a complete computing platform combining a powerful Intel X86 Quad core processor/SOC, together with e2c’s innovative smart hub technology. ideal for unattended payment kiosk solutions

KS1000 enables dramatic simplification of many types of self-service solutions, such as unattended payment kiosks, self check out systems and smart vending solutions. e2c’s KS1000 provides everything you need to engineer cost-effective kiosk platforms combining multi-screen outputs with complex peripherals, such as cash payment.

KS1000 brings all of the benefits of e2c’s secure gaming technology into other applications where payments are being handled.  We have integrated several security features including battery backed SRAM (for transaction logging) and SHA256 crypto processing for software authentication.  In addition, KS1000 includes full battery backed intrusion monitoring.

Finally, with the power of iSocket, KS1000 can support more than 250+ payment peripherals out-of-the-box!

With integrated remote monitoring, KS1000 provides all the features required for machine developers. 

KS1000 fSmart Hub for unatttended payment kiosks

Suitable for kiosk, gaming and payment applications

Product Details


iSocket Payment Peripherals Management

PB icon

UG icon

Smart Hub Interfaces

KS1000 smart hub computer


PC/X86 Specifications  

  • Intel Brasswell N3160 Quad core 2GHz
  • Display 1: DP1.1a 2560×1600@60Hz
  • Display 2: HDMI1.4b 2560×1600@60Hz
  • Dual Intel Gbit LAN
  • 4 x USB3.0 + 1 x USB2.0
  • 1 x mSATA + 1 x SATAIII 7 pin
  • 1 x mPCIe (X1+USB) expansion for RF
  • 6W TDP

Smart Hub

  • SHA256 crypto security processor
  • 3 x RS232 pass through COM ports
  • 2 x RS232 (TX/RX/CTS/RTS) ports
  • 2 x CCTalk independent ports
  • 1 x RS232 (TX/RX) port
  • 1MB SRAM
  • GPIO: 4 In + 4 Out 1A/36V
  • 2W/Channel stereo amplifier
  • SPI + I2C expansion
  • 7 external intrusion sensing inputs
  • 9-36V DC power input
  • Fanless design with tough extrusion case
  • Small form factor 280mm x 130 x 60mm 

Product images

KS1000 embedded computer rear drawing
KS100 Embedded Computer for Kiosks

Powerful middleware for peripheral management

Supports 250+ payment peripherals

Rapid time-to-market

Complete hardware abstraction

Decouples application from hardware

Cross platform (Windows and Linux)

Integrated remote monitoring

Unattended Payment Kiosks Application Example


This example shows a typical payment application for KS1000

Primary display/UI via Display port interface

F53 cash dispenser via pass through COM port 

JCM UBA bill validator via pass through COM port

DIP card reader via serial COM port

Coin mechanism via CCTalk

Coin changer via MDB

All connected devices are managed by iSocket middleware.

KS1000 embedded computer with payment interfaces

Remote Management

Enterprise Server

e2c’s Enterprise Server remote management solution is designed specifically for managing kiosks and unattended machines which incorporate a large number of peripherals.

With iSocket running on the KS1000, remote management is built in.  All devices on the kiosk being controlled by iSocket are automatically monitored by Enterprise Server.  This includes both state information and detailed transaction logs.

KS1000 remote monitoring

Companion Products


enterprise server

iSocket Enterprise Server and Enterprise Cloud provides robust and secure monitoring of any gaming machine network with iSocket client middleware.  In addition, legacy machines can be fitted with any of e2c’s SC series smart connect modules to remotely monitor peripherals and system components.

  • Hosted or cloud based server
  • Wired or Wireless clients
  • Enterprise REST API
  • Automatic fault alerts
  • Server side control

isocket middleware

Smart technology for a connected world

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