iSocket middleware provides a powerful layer for device communication and management, supporting all industry standard payment peripherals. With broad OS support for Windows and Linux variants. e2c’s Payment Device Manager (PDM) is built on iSocket and is available in Pro and standard versions. 

iSocket is a middleware solution which provides interfacing and control of complex peripheral devices in PC based interactive terminals, such as gaming machines and kiosks. From cash handling and financial devices, to complex peripheral interfacing, iSocket solves the problem of reliably bridging between high-level graphic-intensive applications and low-level devices and peripherals.

iSocket provides complete and optimum management of peripheral devices, freeing the application from this task and managing all critical device services.  iSocket is a complete management layer, not just an API.

iSocket is used in applications requiring reliable, fault-tolerant device management. It provides a robust Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) for development of business critical solutions.  This provides application developers with a coherent HAL for peripherals, removing device dependencies and allowing application portability and freedom of choice in device selection.

Key Features

  • Cross Platform Windows and Linux
  • X86 and ARM host platforms
  • Multi protocol API (sockets and web sockets)
  • Integrated IoT remote management client
  • Network ready asynchronous protocol – event driven
  • Real time control (via e2c hardware)
  • full transaction command and logging
  • Detailed event logging and diagnostics
  • Extensive Protocol support: CCTalk, EBDS, ID003
  • Ultra small footprint, low CPU load executable
  • Supports all e2c smart hubs, as well as PC system ports
  • Industry leading stepper based reel control
  • Windows Visual C++ framework
  • Skinnable application engine
  • USB Interface (bus powered)
  • TCP sockets API for C++/Java
  • Websockets for HTML5 & java Script
  • 3 x CCTalk 12/24v powered interfaces
  • 1 X MDB powered interface
  • 19 inputs + 19 outputs (3 x 1A)
  • 12C Interface
  • SEC meter interface

Key Benefits

  • Out-of-the-box support for 250+ payment peripherals
  • No knowledge of peripheral protocols is required
  • Supports all classes of payment peripherals
  • Supports all cash and cashless payment devices
  • Easily add peripherals to HTML5/JS applications
  • Add devices quickly via user interface
  • Run and test scripts in parallel with your application
  • Detailed command and event views
  • Fast peripheral selection and integration
  • Access to all iSocket commands
  • Suitable for any screen size
  • Runs on Client or IP connected host
Peripherals Support:

Here’s just some of the devices supported by iSocket:

  • Note validators
  • Coin Validators
  • Coin Hoppers
  • Coin Changers
  • Printers
  • Card Readers
  • Security Devices
  • Audit Meters
  • Chip and Pin

iSocket is capable of adding support for almost any serial based peripheral device whether connected via a Smart Device Hub or via any standard system port. e2c is constantly adding new device types and support for customer specific devices. Let us know if you want anything new supported.

Product Lifecycle Benefits

iSocket is designed to play a role in all aspects of the product lifecycle from development to operational management.

Development: The iSocket SDK is bundled with extensive utilities which allow developers to quickly connect peripheral devices and run test scripts to ensure device functionality. iSocket gets developers up and running quickly, significantly reducing time-to-market.

Manufacture: iSocket can be used together with automated test scripts to provide functional testing of a machine during build or QA. iSocket gets developers up and running quickly , significantly reducing time-to-market.

Operation: iSocket manages all device communications and maintains a detailed log of critical transaction/event information for debug and audit purposes. iSocket significantly improves operational performance and reduces the risk of machine failure.

iSocket User Interface

The iSocket SDK is bundled with a client application called iSocketUI. This allows quick set-up and testing of any peripherals and requires no coding. Simply select the device you want to add and within a few clicks you will have it working. The UI also allows you to run automated scripts from simple .txt. files. For example, you can write a simple script to fully enable all the peripherals in a machine and test each one for communication and function. In addition, you can add special function buttons to the UI to quickly access any scripts you have prepared.

iSocket /ES M2M Application

The iSocket client include a remote management agent which we call iSocket Monitor Client. This can be used to communicate with our iSocket/Enterprise M2M Server application running on a networked machine. This allows all clients running iSocket to be remotely monitored and controlled. This also allows machine management right down to the device level. You can also activate any pre-defined scripts remotely, send new firmware to a device and automatically upload and restart the machine.

e2c Smart Device Hubs

iSocket works with e2c’s range of Smart Device Hubs and IO boards, allowing iSocket to communicate with legacy devices and proprietary interfaces/protocols. These include our feature packed Cash Control Smart hubs and industry leading gaming reel controllers.


iSocket is licensed based on supported device bundles for specific market verticals. In addition, for high volume projects, e2c can create a custom licence so you only pay for the devices you need to use. The following are examples of the standard licence bundles available.

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