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e2c Software Solutions

Software solutions for unattended-interactive machines


e2c provide software solutions for unattended-interactive machines, which dramatically simplify real-money application integration and payment peripherals management.

Our software suite handles all of the hardware complexities of payment-centric machines, including the management of payment peripherals, high speed GPIO, transaction processing and crypto-security.

Platform Technology Solution for Payment Kiosk

Solution Overview

iSocket Overview

To connect to the physical payment devices, in the example, we use a USB Smart Hub. This provides the physical interfaces required for payment peripherals (typically RS232, CCTalk, MDB etc)

Peripheral devices are controlled by iSocket Payment Device Manager running on the embedded computer. This provides support for all the device protocols such as CCTalk.

The customer application runs on the embedded computer and communicates with iSocket using a simple high-level API using either a socket connection or WebSocket connection.

iSocket provides complete management of all the hardware, from initialisation though to operation.  All events are logged and available as state and transaction logs for remote monitoring.

e2c cash control
iSocket middleware

Enable payments in minutes –  not months!

Out of box support for 250+ payment peripherals

No knowledge of peripheral protocols is required

Works on X86/ARM  Windows and Linux

Easily add peripherals to HTML5/JS applications

Support for all major industry peripheral suppliers


Technical Highlights

Supports all software application frameworks

TCP Sockets API for C++/Java

WebSockets for HTML5 and JavaScript

Non-blocking with low CPU utilisation 

Asynchronous – event-driven

Real-time control (via e2c hardware)

Full transaction/command logging

250+ devices from all major manufacturers 

e2c Software Product Range

iSocket middleware

iSocket User Interface
kiosk photo app

iSocket middleware provides a powerful layer for device communication and management, supporting all industry standard payment peripherals. With broad OS support for Windows and Linux variants. e2c’s Payment Device Manager (PDM) is built on iSocket and is available in Pro and standard versions. 

iSocket User Interface (UI) is a client application which works with iSocket to expose all of iSockets commands via a touchscreen application.  Add devices quickly to the set-up and test them all without writing a single line of code.  Run test scripts and test your system in parallel with your application.

e2c’s kiosk Application Framework is C++ skinnable touchscreen application framework for Windows operating systems.  Using this framework, we can quickly build robust touchscreen applications harnessing the power of iSocket middleware running on e2c’s embedded hardware platforms.

iSocket Enterprise Server and Enterprise Cloud provide robust and secure monitoring of unattended machines powered by iSocket. Built from the ground up to provide an IoT solution capable of both monitoring and remote control of distributed terminals, such as kiosks and Smart Vending machines

  • Cross platform Windows and Linux
  • X86 and ARM host platforms
  • Multi protocol API (sockets and websockets)
  • Integrated IoT remote management client
  • Supports all classes of payment peripherals
  • Supports cash and cashless payment devices

  • X86 Windows OS (all versions)
  • Dynamic device display
  • Detailev command and event views
  • Fast peripheral selection and integration
  • Access all iSocket commands
  • Runs on client or IP connected host

  • Windows Visual C++ framework
  • Skinnable application engine
  • Designed for touch applications
  • Utilises iSokct middleware
  • Service menus
  • Suitable for any screen size

  • USB Interface (bus powered)
  • Payment Device Manager Pro
  • X86 or ARM host platform
  • 3 x CCtalk 12/24V powered interfaces
  • 1 x MDB (Master) powered interface
  • 19 inputs + 19 outputs (3 x 1A)
  • I2C interface
  • SEC meter interface

iSocket Payment Peripherals Management
isocket middleware

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