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GS2000 Gaming Platform

GS2000 X86 Gaming Platform  

Open mini-ITX

GLI-11 compliant 

iSocket Gaming Device Manager

Multiple serial ports 

Extensive GPIO (64+ bit)

PCIe SRAM + Serial ports

Compact form factor

Smart technology for a connected world

GS2000 Gaming Platform


Product Description

e2c’s GS2000 series gaming platform is a fully featured PC based solution which combines e2c’s PCIe gaming control technology with a long-lifecycle IPC grade mini ITX motherboard. By utilising industry standard IPC motherboards from the world’s leading high-volume manufactures, e2c is able to deliver new solutions as soon as Intel and AMD release each generation of silicon. This allows manufacturers to build with the very latest technology and take advantage of the best IPC solution pricing in the market.
GS2000 incorporates e2c’s 64 bit fully featured gaming IO controller.  The rear gaming IO interface also includes an additional 3 GDM controlled ports which support any gaming peripheral. With up to 7 serial ports as standard, this allows any standard motherboard without serial interfaces to be used in the GS2000 system.
GS1000 also includes 8 intrusion sensed inputs, battery backed for > 100 days offline operation. In addition, it also includes an SHA256 cryptographic engine and others security features to ensure maximum game security.


Supports any IPC grade motherboard – Intel or AMD

Product Details


iSocket Payment Peripherals Management

PB icon

UG icon

video icon


GS1000 Gaming Platform rear IO


  • Motherboard:  Any IPC grade (12V power) mini ITX
  • 32 digital inputs
  • 24 open drain outputs @350mA/36V
  • PWM output control
  • 11 high current outputs @3A/36V
  • 1 x internal + 8 x external intrusion inputs
  • Up to 8MB PCIe battery backed SRAM
  • SHA256 crypto security processor
  • 3 x GDM gaming peripheral serial ports
  • 4 x motherboard pass through serial
  • 2 x CCTalk (independent)
  • Digital (SEC) meter)
  • Hard meter current sensing
  • 15W/channel Class D amplifier
  • 3G modem option with onboard SIM
  • 12V DC power input
  • SHA256 crypto security
  • Small form factor 265mm x 200 x 62mm 
  • Locking case with intrusion sensing

Product images

Powerful middleware for machine management

Supports all gaming peripherals

Rapid time-to-market

Complete hardware abstraction

Decouples game app from hardware

Cross platform (Windows and Linux)

SAS6.02 engine with real-time interface

Gaming Device Manager

GDM Icon

Rear IO connectivity


This example shows how to connect devices to the rear interfaces.

A mecahnical meter is connected to the METER interface

iButton is connected to 1 wire interface 

Tower light is connected to HC out

Digital RGB LED strip is connected to SPI interface 

DIP insert smart card readerCoin mech and hoppers to CCTalk

JCM UBA and Ticket printer are connected to GDM serial ports

Deck buttons and lamps are connected to GPIO

This example illustrates how all connected hardware is controlled by iSocket Gaming Device Manager.  GDM manages all peripherals from machine power up.

GS1000 Gaming Platform Rear View IO

Approved Motherboards

Motherboard Partners

e2c have partnered with leading IPC motherboard manufacturers to provide longevity of supply for 5+ years for all approved IPC boards suitable for our GS gaming platforms.

All GS systems are Configure To Order (CTO). Customers select preferred motherboard/RAM/CPU options from approved list and verify system performance prior to production release.

MB partners
GS Gaming platform motherboards

Choose any board from approved list, Intel or AMD

Companion Products


enterprise server

iSocket Enterprise Server and Enterprise provides robust and secure monitoring of any gaming machine network with iSocket client middleware.  In addition, legacy machines can be fitted with any of e2c’s SC series smart connect modules to remotely monitor peripherals and system components.

  • Secure on-premises server
  • SWired or Wireless clients
  • AEnterprise REST API
  • Automatic fault alerts
  • Server side control

RC Series Reel controller

RC600 Reel Controller

RC600 reel controller can be added to this product to drive up to 6 unipolar reels.  This interfaces to the GS system through USB.

  • USB interface
  • Up to 6 unipolar reels
  • ALamp and RGB LED control
  • 48 step and 200 step motors
  • GLI error sensing

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