GS2000 Gaming Platform

The GS2000 Gaming Platform

GS2000 provides all the functions of the GS1000 platform with the added availability of additional PCIe serial ports and high-speed battery backed SRAM.  GS2000 is suitable for all gaming jurisdictions and is available with a range of performance motherboards based on Intel and AMD chipsets. GS200 is typically configured with dual or 3 screens (Intel Skylake Q170 or AMD Merlin Falcon)

GS1000 also includes 8 intrusion sensed inputs, battery backed for > 100 days offline operation. In addition, it also includes an SHA256 cryptographic engine and others security features to ensure maximum game security.

Key Features

  • GLI-11 gaming compliant
  • Open Mini ITX motherboard support
  • Support Intel and AMD motherboards
  • Windows or Linux
  • 6W/channel class D amplifier
  • 1MB battery backed SRAM
  • MB COM ports + 3 x GDM ports
  • Wireless/3G kit options
  • iSocket Gaming Device Manager Middleware


  • Motherboard:  Any IPC grade (12V power) mini ITX
  • 32 digital inputs
  • 24 open drain outputs @350mA/36V
  • PWM output control
  • 11 high current outputs @3A/36V
  • 1 x internal + 8 x external intrusion inputs
  • Up to 8MB PCIe battery backed SRAM
  • SHA256 crypto security processor
  • 3 x GDM gaming peripheral serial ports
  • 4 x motherboard pass through serial
  • 2 x CCTalk (independent)
  • Digital (SEC) meter)
  • Hard meter current sensing
  • 15W/channel Class D amplifier
  • 3G modem option with onboard SIM
  • 12V DC power input
  • SHA256 crypto security
  • Small form factor 265mm x 200 x 62mm 
  • Locking case with intrusion sensing

e2c provide machine manufacturers with innovative gaming platform solutions which allow control of all peripherals and devices in your gaming machine from a single coherent API. Our gaming solution approach is designed and engineered to significantly reduce time-to-market, development costs and substantially improve operational efficiency and reliability.

Donny McDonald, CEO

Typical GS Gaming System Implementation

This example illustrates the use of a a GS2000 gaming system, RC reel controller and iSocket Gaming Device Manager Middleware. The GS systems include CCTalk bus for cash handling. Peripherals can be connected to COM ports. Additional USB mapped COM ports are provided. Reels are controlled by an RC600 controller via USB. Motherboards are available supporting up to 4 displays. GP10 for lamps and buttons is provided by an internal GC10 controller. Using GS1000 with iSocket, it is possible to connect best of breed devices into a solution. With all devices supported by iSocket GDM, developers don’t ned to worry about any device protocol.

Gaming Platform Compatible Products

RC 1000 Series Reel Controller

iSocket Enterprise Server and Enterprise provides robust and secure monitoring of any gaming machine network with iSocket client middleware.  In addition, legacy machines can be fitted with any of e2c’s SC series smart connect modules to remotely monitor peripherals and system components.

RC600 reel controller can be added to this product to drive up to 6 unipolar reels.  This interfaces to the GS system through USB.

  • Secure on-premises server
  • SWired or Wireless clients
  • AEnterprise REST API
  • Automatic fault alerts
  • Server side control
  • USB interface
  • Up to 6 unipolar reels
  • ALamp and RGB LED control
  • 48 step and 200 step motors
  • GLI error sensing

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