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GC100 Gaming IO controller

Turn any PC into a gaming machine!

USB Host interface

64+ GPIO

GLI-11 Compliment

1MB battery-backed SRAM

8 Intrusions

15W/ch digital Amp

iSocket GDM supports all gaming peripherals

Gaming machines made simple!


Product Description

The GC100 is a fully featured gaming controller which supports all functions required in a GLI compliant gaming cabinet. GC100 is controlled by e2c’s powerful iSocket single API middleware, supporting all standard gaming peripherals and IO.

The GC100 controller allows system architects to separate the hardware-specific machine interface functions from the X86 computing platform. This allows designers freedom of choice on computing platform, whilst minimising the effort involved in supporting peripherals and low level control interfaces.

Product Details


iSocket Payment Peripherals Management
PB icon

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GC100 gaming IO Hub & Controller


  • USB Interface
  • iSocket GDM middleware
  • X86 host (Windows or Linux)
  • 3 x GDM serial ports
  • CCTalk
  • 32 TTL inputs + 32 OD outputs (350mA)
  • 3 x 3A outputs
  • 8 x Battery-back intrusions
  • 1 MB battery-backed SRAM
  • 2 x SHA256 crypto security
  • Hard meter current sense
  • 2 x 15W Class D amp
  • 128kB EE memory
  • Small form factor 212 x 93 x 12 mm

Product images

GC 100 IBP removal

Gaming IO Controller Application Example


This example shows GC100 used with the Intelligent backplane kit.  This combines GC100 with a passive machine backplane.

JCM UBA Bill validator using RS232/ID003

Ticket printer using RS232 (TCL protocol)

Tower light on high current outputs

QL coin mech on CCtalk

Compact hopper on CCtalk

12 x 15W speakers

Intrusion switches

3 X hard meters

Button deck via GPIO

This example illustrates USB connection to the host gaming platform.  In this case GC100 controls all the IO and peripherals throu iSocket Gaming Device Manager

GC100 IO Hub & Controller

Companion Products


Gaming Device Manager

Gaming Device Manager (GDM) is intended for applications utilising e2c’s gaming IO controllers and gaming platforms.  GDM provides support for all gaming features embedded in our products. In addition, GDM provides support for all standard gaming machine peripherals.

  • Windows X86/64
  • Linux X86/64
  • Supports all gaming peripherals
  • SAS6.02 (GDM Pro)

Solution Kits

e2c offer a full payment solution kits, comprising CC smart hubs, embedded PC’s and a full range of payment peripherals. Kits come with full wiring kits and out-of-the-box support for bundled peripherals. Just add them in your enclosure and the kits will be fully operational.

  • Full configured Payment Solutions
  • Best of breed Peripherals
  • Full wiring systems including power
  • Fast time to market
  • Fully functional out of the box

isocket middleware

Smart technology for a connected world

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