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Embedded Gaming Solutions

Our range of GLI compliant, embedded gaming platforms are based on our Open Mini ITX architecture, combined with powerful middleware. Our gaming solution approach is designed and engineered to significantly reduces time-to-market, development costs and substantially improve operational efficiency and reliability.


Gaming platforms made simple!



Our range of PC/X86, embedded, gaming solutions are based on our open mini-ITX architecture, which combines e2c’s innovative gaming IO and middleware with state-of-the-art IPC grade motherboards.

With an open architecture, supporting any IPC grade motherboard, customers can take advantage of the latest X86 CPU’s and chipsets, but without waiting on custom gaming board development.  In addition, building on high-volume IPC grade boards, they benefit from lower cost components, reducing system cost.

All e2c embedded,gaming solutions are controlled by our powerful iSocket Gaming Device Manager (GDM) middleware.   This supports all industry standard gaming peripheral devices and protocols including e2c’s range of gaming reel controllers.  GDM Pro also includes SAS 6.02.

All products are GLI-11 complaint and offer a full range of gaming features, including: SRAM, Crypto processing, intrusion monitoring and extensive IO.

Open Gaming Platforms

GS Series Gaming Platforms

Gaming Products Range

Gaming Device Manager

GS Series Gaming Platforms

RC600 Reel Controller

iSocket Gaming Device Manager (GDM) and GDM Pro are fully featured middleware applications which provide gaming system developers with a single coherent API for all hardware within a gaming machine.  Supporting all standard gaming peripherals, GDP allows application developers to quickly port any application framework onto a machine.  GDM Pro also includes SAS6.02 client which allows machines to be easily connected to any slot accounting system.

GS series embedded gaming platforms are open Mini ITX platforms which combine e2c’s innovative gaming IO controllers and middleware together with high-performance IPC motherboards from leading manufacturers. This offers customers rapid time to market for the latest X86 CPU’s and chipsets.

GC Series gaming IO controllers can be used with any third party PC platform to create a low cost gaming solution for any jurisdiction.  GC controllers include are fully GLI-11 compliant, comprising extensive IO (up to 64 GPIO), battery backed SRAM and intrusion monitoring.  

e2c RC series reel controllers are designed to run with Gaming Device Manager (GDM).  These USB connected controllers support all industry standard reels including 48 step and 200 step configurations.  Also included is real time control for GLI error detection for class III/III jurisdictions.  The GDM API provides extensive control features for managing all reel movements and illumination control for both standard lamps and RGM LED elements.

  • Cross platform Windows and Linux
  • X86 and ARM host platfroms
  • Multi protocol API (sockets and websockets)
  • Integrated IoT remote management client
  • Supports all classes of gaming peripherals
  • SAS6.02 support (GDM Pro)

  • GLI-11 gaming features
  • Open Mini ITX motherboard support
  • Support Intel and AMD processors
  • Windows or Linux
  • Configure-To-Order
  • Versions for all jurisdictions

  • USB Interface
  • GDM/GDP Pro middlware
  • Windows and Linux
  • ARM and X86
  • GLI-11 Feature set
  • Small form factor

  • USB Interface (bus powered)
  • GDM MIddleware
  • Windows or Linux
  • Up to 6 reels per controller
  • Mixed reel types
  • GLI symbol error detection
  • Lamp and RGB illumination control

Series Information

iSocket Payment Peripherals Management
PB icon

iSocket Middleware

SC Series SmartConnect

Gaming machine remote monitoring

isocket middleware
SC100 Smart Connect Computer ISO

On premises IoT for casinos

Typical system implementation

Application example

This example illustrates use of a GS embedded gaming solutions, RC reel controller and iSocket Gaming Device Manager Middleware.  

  • GS system include CCTalk bus of cash handling
  • Peripherals can be connected to system COM ports
  • Additional USB mapped COM ports are provided
  • Reels are controlled by an RC600 controller via USB
  • Motherboards are available supporting up to 4 displays
  • GPIO for lamps and buttons is provided by internal GC IO controller

This example illustrates how it is possible to connect best of breed devices into a solution.  With all devices being supported by GDM, developers don’t need to worry about any device protocols.

GS Gaming system Implementation

Other Solution components

SC Series Smart Connect

SC100 Smart Connect Computer

e2c’s i.MX6 powered Smart Connect series embedded compute modules are designed for remote monitoring of any machine comprising complex peripherals, such as gaming slot machines. Utilising iSocket middleware to remotely monitor serial traffic from devices and SAS, SC series modules can relay all critical system information back to an on-premises Enterprise server.

  • i.MX6 powered embedded computer 
  • Linux + iSocket
  • Embedded IoT client
  • Wired and Wireless interfaces
  • Extensive serial and IO

Premises Remote Monitoring

iSocket Enterprise Server provides robust and secure monitoring of any gaming machine network with iSocket client middleware. In addition, legacy machines can be fitted with any of e2c’s SC series smart connect modules to remotely monitor peripherals and system components.

  • Secure on-premises server 
  • Wired or wireless clients
  • Enterprise REST API
  • Automatic fault alerts
  • Server side scripting

KS Fanless Platforms

KS100 Embedded Computer for Kiosks

KS series embedded Intel ATOM platforms are suitable for several vertical gaming applications such as betting. This platform offers a very competitive Quad core ATOM grade computing platform together with a  fully featured gaming controller.  KS1000 includes full intrusion monitoring and 1MB battery backed SRAM so is suitable for class II and other markets.

  • Quad core Atom grade SOC
  • Fanless system
  • Small form factor
  • GLI-11 compliant
  • Wireless options

isocket middleware

Smart technology for a connected world

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