Digital AWP Machinee2c has created a semi custom version of its GS1000 gaming system to fully meet G-Squared Games requirements for their new Casino King Plus digital AWP machine.

G-Squared chose e2c’s GS1000 gaming platform together with an Intel powered motherboard to satisfy the performance requirements of G-Squared’s new HTML-5 based game.   The solution utilises e2c’s iSocket Gaming Device Manager (GDM) & middleware to provide ‘out-of-the-box’ support for all standard gaming peripherals and IO, including support for the latest security encryption standards such as 3DES.

With onboard SIM, e2c’s GS1000 allows for easy integration of a 3G modem providing remote connection and monitoring of all machines.   The solution was finished with a custom paint job and decal creating a professional look & feel to their finished product.

Dan Wilson, Director of Technology, G-Squared Games commented,”It has been great working with the e2c team on this project.   They have taken care of all the complexities of  peripherals integration and delivered exactly what we needed without compromise”.

Donny McDonald, CEO, e2c added “We are pleased to have been able to support G-Squared & play a part in the development of this dynamic, new product”.

The GS1000 systems are  assembled and purchased directly in the UK through e2c’s fulfilment partner Centerprise International.  Centerprise International provide the UK and EU markets with quick turnaround Configure To Order (CTO) build of all e2c gaming  products.

G-Squared Games

Established in 2013, G-Squared Games is an independently owned manufacturing company focused on creating dynamic, disruptive and distinct gaming solutions.  The company focuses on gaming content and providing  innovative, efficiency driving technologies to revolutionize the gaming industry.


e2c (ePoint Embedded Computing Ltd) was founded in 2007.   The company provides embedded computing solutions for the casino & gaming markets, unattended kiosks, payment terminals, cash handling, smart vending and medical terminals.   Our products are built on a powerful middleware platform, Isocket combined with flexible embedded control/interfaces, remote management ?M2M monitoring & control.

Centerprise International Ltd

Centerprise International is one of the largest and most respected IT providers in the UK. As a UK distributor for many international brands,it offers an extensive range of computer systems, components, peripherals & laptops all backed by a unique range of value-added services from hard drive encryption and data erasure to bespoke ‘build-to-order’ PC’s.

For further information, please contact:

Donny McDonald, CEO, e2c



Dan Wilson, Director of Technology, G-Squared Games