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Platform Technology Solution for Payment Kiosk


Embedded Computing

e2c provide embedded platform technology solutions for interactive/unattended machines, which dramatically simplify real-money application integration. Our technology handles pay-in and pay-out for both cash and cashless transactions. 

Our cross platform technology is built on our powerful iSocket middleware solution, combined with in-house designed embedded computing platforms  – with real-world connectivity.

You can find our solutions in casino gaming machines, payment kiosks, retail self-check-out systems, smart vending machines and many more machines to come.


iSocket Payment Enabled Embedded Computing

Platform Technology Solutions

Our enabling technologies and approach are unique and suitable for universal adoption for the rapidly growing number of applications interactive/unattended machines. The market for unattended machines is growing extremely fast and e2c products and technology are powerful building blocks which can be utilised in many important vertical market applications. It is our belief – and certainly the shared view of many important corporations – that that the next age of the internet is about the connection of machines and delivery of solutions through internet service models.

Our vision is simply to make it easy to design, build, test and manage machines in this ever growing connected world.

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