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This web site, www.etwoc.com, (“the Website”) is operated by ePOINT Embedded Computing Limited (“e2c”) Registered Office Address at 1F1 Aquarius Court, Rosyth, Fife, Scotland, United Kingdom KY11 2DW. Access to or use of any information or materials on this Website (“the Content”) by any party using or accessing this Website (“User”) is subject to the Copyright Notice (“Copyright”) set out below.
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ePOINT Embedded Computing Limited is a limited company registered in Scotland as Company Registration Number: SC340421. ePOINT Embedded Computing Limited’s Registered Office Address is located at 1F1, Aquarius Court, Rosyth Fife, Scotland, United Kingdom KY11 2DW and its phone number is +44 01383 880 487. For the purpose of these Terms, references to e2c shall include to any of its Directors, or Employees.

3. Copyright

The copyright in this Website is owned by e2c and protected by United Kingdom and International copyright laws.  Any User is entitled to copy any such information for their own personal use but may not re-publish, store or re-produce any such information in any manner, including without limitation electronic reproduction by “uploading” or “downloading”, without the prior written consent of e2c.  Any unauthorised downloading, re-transmission or other copying or modification of any of the Content of this Website may be in breach of e2c’s legal rights, which could be the subject of legal action. e2c disclaim all liability which may result from any unauthorised reproduction or use of the Content on this Website.  All rights not expressly granted are reserved by e2c.
The right to use the Content of this Website is owned by e2c.   Any User extracting or re-utilising a substantial part of the information collated on the Website or repeatedly extracting or re-utilising parts of the information, without the prior written consent of e2c will be infringing its database rights.
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