A staggering 66% efficiency saving has convinced e2c to appoint Centerprise International , a leading UK system integrator, as their fulfilment partner to underpin their significant market growth through manufacture and distribution of e2c’s broad range of innovative embedded computing products – supporting e-payment solutions in gaming, retail, health and beyond.

The UK-based partnership will bring the manufacture and distribution of embedded computer solutions closer to e2c clients in the EU and provide a responsive local partner with global scale,  Centerprise will leverage their flexibility and purchasing power over industrial PC components – receiving purchase orders directly, whilst adding efficiencies to the supplier chain and providing e2c with a European-wide warranty centre.   This relationship  offers Customised, Configure-to-Order (CTO) solutions, providing cost savings through reduced lead times, smaller batch volumes and enhanced manufacturing agility.  e2c benefits from Enterprise doing the heavy lifting, allowing the focus to be on business growth and product innovation.

“This strategic partnership will also allow us to scale up the business and focus our energies on creating innovative platform technologies and products” said Donny McDonald, CEO, e2c.

Jeremy Bruty of Centerprise International commented “e2c are a great name to add to our pedigree and we are excited to be working with such an innovative leader in the specialist embedded computing and software solutions market.  We applaud e2c’s decision to move their manufacturing from Asia closer to their clients in the EU and look forward to actively realising their lead time and efficiency savings”.

About Centerprise International

For over 30 years, Centerprise International has been on of the most respected system integrators in the UK, and deemed a real British success story.   The manufacturing division produces a broad range of products for clients such as SEGA and BOX Technologies, from our two UK manufacturing facilities that are currently expanding due to the high demand of Centerprise’s fulfilment partner capabilities, driving the multi-million pound investment into the brand new facility due to open in 2018