C3Pay provides a full transaction layer API for machine payments. It’s like Paypal for machines. It accepts both cash and digital payments. C3Pay is a browser-based and can be added to any machine to allow it to take payments quickly and securely.

Built on our powerful middleware platform, iSocket, C3Pay is a complete payment solution consisting of software and middleware combined with our Smart Device Hubs. Its simple API has a 2 step configuration. It already supports up to 400 industry standard peripherals. It can offer scalable cash handling from entry-level to banking grade devices. We specialise in multi-channel hybrid payments systems rather than just cashless payment solutions.

C3Pay utilises e2c’s powerful device middleware , iSocket for low level device management. C3Pay runs best on e2c’s unique hardware , but is fully capable of running on any 3rd party computing platform in tandem with e2c smart device hubs. e2c’s middleware product provides a universal API which abstracts all peripheral hardware device interfacing and management into a single API.

How C3Pay Works
Key Features
  • Complete payment solutions with software, middleware & hardware
  • Fully cross platform (x86, ARM and Windows/Linux)
  • Supports all programming languages
  • Supports all payments mechanisms (Cash + Card + Cell)
  • Supports industry standard RS232 POS receipt printers (Serial ESC/POS protocol)
  • Wide operating voltage (12-24V DC) with peripheral /validator or power pass through.
  • Payment processing via Global Payments
  • Supports Alipay, Apple Pay, We Chat & all major digital wallets, as well as QR codes


C3Pay REST API allows customer to access all cloud dater the systems directly in real time.

Customers can mirror the date and build their own responsive we apps to provide branded solutions. Most customers will consume C3Pay data this way.

The REST API is designed for both monitoring and control of edge clients/machines.

Typical C3Pay Payment System Client Application

This is a typical payment system with client application in a self service kiosk

  • Supports Smart cards, NFC (mobile) and cashless
  • Provides powered interfaces for peripherals
  • Uses NV200 Smart Payout 1000 cashbox & 70 Note/Bill Recycle
  • Uses IP pass through KS1000 and directs traffic over IoT modem data services
  • iSocket middleware for peripherals management and remote monitoring
C3Pay Cloud Initiated Payments

Smart Technology for A Connected World


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