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Our GS Series is a complete range of gaming platforms.  From high performance, embedded computing platform solutions to IO controllers, our products are suitable for all segments of the gaming market including slots & electronic table games.

All of our products are fully integrated with our iSocket middleware – a powerful & innovative Gaming Device Manager.

iSocket is a middleware platform which combines flexible, embedded control and interface modules with remote mannagement M2M.    As a result, all of our gaming platforms are fully GLI compliant.

iSocket allows dramatic simplification of the peripherals integration process using a single API.  As a result, costs and time to market are significantly reduced for complex gaming solutions.   In addition, iSocket supports more than 250 industry standard peripherals making it an ideal choice for all  systems integrators.

| Payment & Cash Handling

Payments & Cash Handling

We offer a complete range of payment solutions for both cash and cashless applications.  All of our solutions feature our powerful and innovative, iSocket middleware.   As a result, there is a dramatic simplification in the integration process for self service solutions such as payment kiosks & retail self checkout systems.

Our Cash Controls CC Series allows easy integration of complex payment peripherals into any embedded computing platforms with a USB interface.

Whilst our iSocket middleware for device management supports over 250 payment devices, making it an ideal choice for systems integrators.

| Smart Computing

Kiosk Platforms

Our range of smart computing modules offer unique features including integration of our smart hub technology for peripheral management.

These modules are ideal building blocks for a huge range of IoT applications.

The SC Series of SmartConnect (ARM) computers offers a full spectrum of IO capability and connectivity.

Our X86 platforms are ideal candidates for IoT gateways whilst our Smart Hubs provide a physical interface to real world sensors.

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